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Why our monitoring
Why our monitoring

We utilize advanced monitoring agents that proactively scans your systems enabling us to isolate the threat before it spreads onto the rest of your network

Remote monitored backups
Remote monitored backups

A successful backup system is one that operates consistently and guarantees its users can successfully restore their data when needed.

Proactive system checks
Proactive system checks
Proper proactive maintenance of a network will improve your productivity, increase the reliability of your systems and save you money in IT support costs.

industries we excel in


We have more than 20 years of experience with winemaking systems and it's IT needs. This experience enables us to provide solutions to assist with administration, winemaking and bottling.

Laboratories & Equipment Suppliers

Having information systems work in precision work environments with some well known manufacturers. We not only understand data but also integration in connecting equipment on your network.

Financial Services

Providing proven solutions that not only comply with regulations, but protect critical data. We specialise in data protection to enable you to meet the compliancy regulations. Our data protection is key to POPIA compliance.

Health & Medical Services

As a medical professional, you want to keep your focus on delivering outstanding patient care. The last thing you need is an IT infrastructure that adds to your non-clinical workload. That’s where we come in.

Energy & Environment Consulting

We work across all the major geographies, meaning we understand the underlying drivers in construction markets.

Food Industry

Providing IT solutions for the food industry to help transform digitally.

Let us keep your business IT systems operate like clockwork

Monitored Systems
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